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Automatic sliding door service in New York City.
Our staff is trained and certified to perform the repair required on your door.

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Contact our knowledgeable staff to quickly dispatch a certified technician who can provide high-quality repairs and expert advice for your sliding doors. We are door installation and repair experts!

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A-1 International, located in Long Island City, NY had a problem with their front sliding door. The door stopped functioning properly, forcing them to operate the door manually. That’s where we came in! Our licensed, experienced technicians at NYC Doors And More performed some troubleshooting, identified the problem, and fixed it quickly so that the business could get back to normal. What’s more, we are available 24/7 and offer competitive prices.

For all of your door repair/installation needs, give us a call today! 212-202-0491

We are door installation and repair experts!

Are your sliding doors get sticky and hard to open?

Out of alignment? Or only needs adjustment.

For all these problems or any sliding door repair

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We are professional door repair!

Sliding doors problems we can fix:

  • A gap in the sliding door
  • Sliding door won’t slide
  • The door is hard to open
  • The sliding door frame needs a repair
  • Sliding doors get sticky and hard to open 
  • The sliding doors need to be replaced