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Commercial 90 Minutes Fireproof Door Installation

Replacing An Old Fire Rated Door With A New 90 Min Fire Door

Commercial Fire Door

Above is a 90 Minute fireproof door (fire rated door) installation. This fire door comes with panic bar and a rim cylinder.

90 Minute Fire Rated Doors Requirements: 

These doors play a role in keeping people safe and minimizing property damage during a fire.

Doors rated for 1.5 hours are found alongside 2-hour rated walls, which can be made of concrete or brick. These doors are often positioned in stairwells or other enclosures of vertical communication inside a building. They may also be placed in boiler rooms and in exterior walls that could be exposed to fire from the outside.

Panic Bar – A crash bar (also known as a panic exit device, panic bar, or push bar) allows users to open a door by pushing a bar. While originally conceived as a way to prevent crowd crushing in an emergency, crash bars are now used as the primary door opening mechanism in many commercial buildings.

Rim Cylinder – Commonly used on condominium doors, designed for commercial exit and panic devices.