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Commercial Door Threshold

The front door at a Verizon store was almost impossible to move as a result of a very old saddle which was bent and rusted.

To correct this issue, NYC Doors And More technicians removed the doors and replaced the door threshold.

Commercial Door Threshold Replacement

Door Saddle Threhold After The Installation

Door Saddle Threhold After The Installation

Door Saddle (Sill) Vs Door Threshold

Door thresholds have a uniform surface across the top. Door saddles have flanges that fit at the bottom of the door.

When the door is closed, a flange fits into a recess on the door’s bottom and provides a seal. When a saddle is damaged, wind and water may leak inside or the door rubs when opened and closed. This can cause permanent damage if not corrected quickly.

For many exterior doorways, a threshold is installed at the bottom of the door to smooth transition between spaces.

High traffic increases the amount of wear on the door, threshold, hinges, locks, closers, door saddles, etc.
Therefore, for high-traffic areas, the opening and doors should be equipped with thresholds that can transition between different flooring materials and to adjust for height variations.

Thermal Barrier Saddle Threshold

Also, for extreme weather conditions, a Thermal Barrier Saddle Threshold can be installed to prevent the outside temperature from gaining entrance into the inside space.

What Is A Thermal Barrier Saddle Threshold?

A Thermal Barrier Saddle Threshold designed to eliminate the transfer of hot and cold temperatures from one side of the threshold to the other. This can end up saving you thousands of dollars in energy bills over time!

Commercial Door Thresholds Exterior