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What are concealed door closers?

The overhead or floor mounted concealed door closer is a very common type of door closer mechanism which is normally hidden and covered. This provides an aesthetic look for your office space.

Where is the concealed closer located in the door?

The overhead concealed door closer is usually in a pocket in the framed door header. The floor closer is in a floor box under the door step.

Types Of Concealed Door Closers

Overhead Concealed Door Closer

Overhead concealed door closers can be adjusted to maintain control of the opening. Whether you want the doors to open quickly, or prefer them to shut more slowly, it can be adjusted to fit your preferences.

These closers are hidden by a cover plate in the frame portion above the door.

The concealed door closer design concept was initially engineered as a self-contained product that featured a center pivot allowing a variety of door functions with no exterior arm or visible operating hardware.

Floor Mounted Door Closer

Floor Closers are heavy duty door closers that are recessed underneath the door in the floor under the threshold.