Overhead Concealed Door Closer

The door at a convenience store in Brooklyn didn’t close properly.

What causes the problem was an old door closer that was leaking and made the door slamming shoot. The store owner used a rope to hold the door tied.

To fix this problem, we removed the door, replaced the door closer, and align it to ensure smooth opening and closing.

The repair:

  1. Removed the storefront glass door, and the concealed overhead door closer. (As you can see on the photo below).
  2. Removed the old top arm and install a new arm.
  3. Reinstalled the door closer.
  4. Rehung the door.
  5. Adjust it for proper closing.


Below you can see the opening and closing of the store entry door after the repair.

Overhead concealed door closer for glass and aluminum doors.

CRL End-Load Arm for Center-Hung Overhead Concealed Closer.