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Why The Door Is Not Closing?

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2 Reasons why this door is not closing all the way

The door previously experienced harsh friction between its active and stationary components, impeding its proper closure. A visible issue was the broken bottom pivot, evident in the attached picture. To address these concerns, we took the following steps:

  1. Upgraded Hinge Installation: The original setup was replaced with a durable and efficient long piano hinge. This enhancement has contributed to the newfound smoothness in the door’s closing mechanism.
  2. Repair of Broken Bottom Pivot: The broken bottom pivot, clearly depicted in the provided image, was meticulously repaired. This repair work has significantly contributed to the door’s improved functionality.
  3. Enhanced Door Closing Mechanism: As part of our comprehensive solution, we also introduced a replacement door closer. This new component plays a pivotal role in ensuring the door’s controlled and seamless closure.

    Through these measures, we have successfully rectified the issues with the door’s functionality. It now closes effortlessly and without any hindrance, restoring both its appearance and practical use.

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    Common Questions

    What causes a door not to close all the way?
    1. In most cases, hinges are the main culprits behind doors failing to close properly. You’ll need a screwdriver to tighten the hinges of your interior door.
    2. Close the door to look for the gap between the frame and door along with the door latch.
    Do door closers wear out?

    They leak, or the seals wear out, and then they can no longer be adjusted and tend to slam the door hard. And, like surface closers, they can be rebuilt or replaced. Since concealed closers are often expensive, some folks elect to replace the closer with a pivot hinge and install a surface door closer.

    How do I know if my door closer is bad?

    If there is hydraulic fluid on the closer or door or floor, that’s a sign the closer has reached the end of its useful life. If adjusting the valves seemingly has no effect on the door closer’s behavior, that could indicate replacement is appropriate.