Glass Door Slamming


If your door closer is slamming the door and cannot be adjusted to do otherwise, either the fluid has leaked out or the valve seals are worn out. In either case, your best option is to replace it.

The reason for the door to close so fast and strongly

This particular door slammed shut upon closing, making a loud noise that scared customers and led to hazardous conditions for customers.

When a glass door slams with such force, they may even shatter! Usually, the reason for this is the door closer, which is responsible for the speed and strength of the door.

Our technicians replaced the worn door closer with a new one, thereby greatly improving the door speed. 

How does Commercial Door Closer work?
Commercial door closers allow doors to open without having to physically close them. It causes a user to feel some resistance as they begin to open the door, giving them a sense of how heavy the door is.
After the initial resistance, the door smoothly glides open.
When a user lets go of the door, a spring in the door closer forces the mechanism’s arm to close gently until the door returns to the frame.