Commercial Glass Door Pivot Replacement

Commercial Glass Door Alignment

The front door of the hotel’s restaurant was misaligned resulting abrasion between the top of the door and the frame.

NYC Doors And More technician removed the broken top pivot, replaced it with a new one and adjusted the door for smooth opening and closing.

Commercial Glass Door Repair

Make Sure The Door Is Aligned All-Around

The door may be tight against the bottom of the jamb. This is very much likely due to a door jamb that is out of alignment.

Tightening the lower hinge could make the top of the door go out of alignment again.
Many of the problems with glass exterior doors can be corrected by getting the door properly aligned. From the above, you have learned that most of the alignment or adjustment issues are related to the top hinge (pivot).

Misaligned Door Is A Common Complaint

The most common complaint from the end-user is the door is misaligned, which include the door does not open easily. When looking for the cause we can find more than one problem.

NYC Doors And More need to thoroughly inspect both the door and jamb. We will test the opening and closing operation of the door and check to see if the door is securely mounted to the jamb. Look at the floor and the header on the swing side of the door for evidence of door swing problems.