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We design, install, and maintain an electronic lock and access systems in NYC and Long Island. Whether you need a basic wall-mounted proximity card reader, or a sophisticated biometric or fingerprint entry system, we offer the most comprehensive range of access control and biometric products on the market.
Access control systems are essential to any building’s security. These systems allow you to manage who has access to certain areas of your property and monitor the status of your building’s entries.

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NYC Doors and More prides itself on offering amazing service. All of our technicians have at least five years of experience in door repair and installation, and they are courteous professionals who work efficiently to make sure you can get back on track in no time.

Aside from our exceptional service, our prices are extremely competitive, and we offer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. What’s more, we guarantee that any emergency will be attended to within one hour.


Most Common Types of Access Control Systems

Card readers:
Card readers require visitors to have a credential card or tag to unlock a door. These card-reading devices are mounted near doors and connected to the door’s electronic locks. Visitors scan their card to gain entry.

Biometric readers:
An alternative to traditional card readers, biometric readers require employees to provide a biometric marker, like a fingerprint, to prove their identity. Today’s systems also include voice and retinal scanners.

Wired control panels:
Wired access control systems require all devices to be hardwired to a central control panel. The system can then be programmed at the control panel.

Wireless control panels:
Wireless systems connect all devices via a network. The card readers, for example, connect via the web, and the entire system can be controlled via a desktop or mobile application.

We specialize in custom installations of access control systems

We offer New Hardware – We install new card readers, keypads or other access readers into your existing system. Updated System Architecture – We can repair or simplify your existing system, improving wired connections, adding new capabilities, and resolving faulty installations. Expanding Your Existing System – We can help scale up an existing system, adding card readers to new doors and linking them to your existing control panel. Wireless Linking – NYC Doors And More can connect offline systems to the web. This allows a range of capabilities like Flexible Reporting, full online help, alarm monitoring, and time and attendance reporting.


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