Commercial Wood Door

We specialize in custom installations of replacement commercial wood doors and frames.

NYC Doors and More carry a full line of wood doors from economy to heavy duty. Providing an array of doors in hardwood, paint grade, molded panel, five ply, and seven-ply, including factory pre-finished architectural doors in various species.

Available Door Widths

Actual width is 1/4″ under nominal door size, to allow for 1/8″ clearance on hinge and strike sides.
2’0″ (24 Inch)
23-3/4″ Actual Size
2’4″ (28 Inch)
27-3/4″ Actual Size
2’6″ (30 Inch)
29-3/4″ Actual Size
2’8″ (32 Inch)
31-3/4″ Actual Size
2’10” (34 Inch)
33-3/4″ Actual Size
3’0″ (36 Inch)
35-3/4″ Actual Size
3’4″ (40 Inch)
39-3/4″ Actual Size
3’6″ (42 Inch)
41-3/4″ Actual Size
3’8″ (44 Inch)
43-3/4″ Actual Size
4’0″ (48 Inch)
47-3/4″ Actual Size

Available Door Heights

Actual height is 7/8″ under nominal door size. Standard undercut is 3/4″ + 1/8″ clearance at top = 7/8″
6’8″ (80 Inch)
79-1/8″ Actual Size
7’0″ (84 Inch)
83-1/8″ Actual Size
8’0″ (96 Inch)
95-1/8″ Actual Size

    Wood exit door with panic bar and closers


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    Extensive fire and sound transmission certifications are available on many products.

    Commercial Wood Doors With Glass

    commercial wood doors

    Commercial Wood doors are widely recognized as a considerable importance in the commercial door industry. The commercial doors that we supply are most commonly used on the interiors of a commercial building.

    Also used in fire rated door openings as they provide a low cost way to handle fire ratings of up to 90 minutes. The fire rated wood doors ranging from 20 min to 90 minture to help control the spread of fire and smoke. Commercial wood doors are available with glass kits, louvers, and transome lights for any commercial application.


    NYC Doors And More strive to exceed customer expectations and fully understand that customer service does not end with the sale. Therefore, beside the installation and maintenance service, we also offer around the clock repair service.


    We are door installation and repair experts!