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Vertical Rod Push Bar Exit Door

We carry a wide variety of vertical rod exit devices at NYC Doors And More. We distribute vertical rod exit devices from well-known exit hardware manufacturers in the safety door applications industry.

Vertical rod panic devices are ideal for double doors without a center post. Vertical rod panic hardware latches both at the top and bottom of a door jamb.

Vertical Rod Exit Device Distributors

We carry several styles that will surely fit your door. From concealed vertical rod exit devices to surface mounted vertical rod exit devices, we have the vertical rod exit devices to secure the doors in your building.


NYC Doors And More technicians can help you decide which type of device will be best for your building’s doors, whether it be a surface vertical rod exit device, concealed vertical rod exit device, a fire-rated vertical rod. Our vertical rod exit devices will work with any specific door height that your site may have.

Concealed Vertical Rod Exit Device

You can find the devices on the interior of some doors in buildings. Being on the interior of the door keeps concealed vertical rod exit devices safer and more hidden from possible outdoor damage, such as from the elements.

Many concealed vertical rod exit devices were designed to be used on specific door styles. The manufacturers we buy from offer products with different features. Several of these devices come in different colors so that customers have the opportunity to pick which one will go best with their door. We want your fire-rated exit door to function properly and look appropriate, even when not in use.

Surface Vertical Rod Exit Device

The vertical rod exit devices can easily mount to the door surface without having to make too many changes to the door. This means a faster installation and lower out-of-pocket costs for you!

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