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When The Kingdom Church’s main entrance door fell off, they turned to NYC Doors And More for a reliable repair solution. Our skilled technician swiftly installed an 83″ Standard Duty Continuous Hinge, ensuring durability and security for the church. Trust in NYC Doors And More for all your door repair needs. 

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83″ Standard Duty Continuous Hinge

Upgrade your heavy doors and entranceways with our 83″ Standard Duty Continuous Hinge. Experience seamless, enduring performance that not only ensures smooth operation but also extends the lifespan of your doors and frames

What is the difference between standard and heavy weight hinges?

Opt for added strength and weight-bearing capacity by choosing thicker hinges. Standard weight hinges typically feature two sets of ball bearings, while heavy-weight hinges boast four ball bearings. When determining the right hinge weight to use, factors such as the door’s size, weight, and how frequently it will be used are crucial considerations.

What is the difference between a continuous hinge and a regular hinge?

Looking to upgrade your hinges? Choose a continuous hinge for superior performance. These hinges are designed to match the full height of the door, providing added strength and durability. Unlike regular hinges, continuous hinges can handle heavier doors and have a longer lifespan. The weight of the door is distributed along the full height of the frame, reducing stress on the hinge and ensuring smooth operation. Trust NYC Doors And More for all your door repair needs.


We offer an array of commercial door hinges including continuous hinges, spring hinges, electric transfer hinges, hospital tip hinges, invisible hinges, swing clear hinges, double acting hinges and more. All hinges are offered in a wide variety of types, sizes and finishes.

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