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Fixing a door frame that has shifted

Restoring Security at DHL with Expert Door Frame Repairs

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lever handle lock

At JFK Airport, security and efficiency are paramount for the smooth operation of logistics services. NYC Doors And More recently undertook a crucial project at DHL, where they successfully reconnected a loose door frame, ensuring enhanced security and convenience for the facility. Additionally, their skilled technicians installed a panic bar and a lever handle lock, further bolstering the safety measures in place. Let’s delve into the details of this remarkable door repair project.

Securing the Door Frame

When NYC Doors And More arrived at DHL, they immediately assessed the situation with utmost professionalism. The loose door frame posed a significant security risk, as it compromised the integrity of the entrance. Leveraging their expertise and experience, the skilled technicians quickly devised a plan to rectify the issue and restore the door frame’s stability.

Meticulous Repairs

With meticulous attention to detail, the NYC Doors And More team meticulously reconnected the loose door frame, ensuring it was firmly secured. By employing the latest techniques and high-quality materials, they provided a lasting solution that would withstand the demanding environment of an airport facility.

Enhancing Security

Recognizing the importance of robust security measures, NYC Doors And More went beyond simply repairing the door frame. They also installed a new panic bar and lever handle lock, adding an extra layer of security to the entrance. These additions enable smooth entry and exit while simultaneously meeting safety compliance standards.

The panic bar installed by NYC Doors And More exemplifies their commitment to advanced security solutions. Designed to allow for swift and safe evacuation during emergencies, the panic bar offers easy, single-handed operation. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas such as the DHL facility.

Convenient Lever Handle Lock

In addition to the panic bar, NYC Doors And More also equipped the entrance with a reliable lever handle lock. This lock offers convenience and ease of use for authorized personnel while maintaining a high level of security. The lever handle design ensures quick and efficient entry, enabling efficient operations within the DHL facility.


The Go-To Solution: Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the hotel manager contacted NYC DOORS AND MORE for their expertise in door repairs and replacements. Known for their reliable and efficient services, NYC DOORS AND MORE specializes in addressing such incidents and restoring doors to their optimal condition.

Expert Technicians at Work

Upon receiving the call, NYC DOORS AND MORE dispatched their skilled technicians to the Hilton Hotel. With their extensive knowledge and experience, the technicians assessed the damage to the door and frame. They determined that the best course of action would be to replace the frame and repair the door to ensure both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Restoring Security and Functionality

The technicians began the repair process by carefully removing the damaged frame. They then meticulously installed a new frame that seamlessly matched the hotel’s existing door design. To ensure the door’s proper functionality, the technicians performed meticulous adjustments, guaranteeing smooth opening and closing operations.