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Hospital Bathroom Door Repair: Installation of Heavy Duty Continuous Hinge

When a hospital bathroom door rubs against the frame, it can hinder the door’s ability to close properly, causing inconvenience and safety concerns. To address this issue, we installed a new heavy-duty continuous hinge. This type of hinge provides increased strength and durability, capable of supporting the weight of the door and preventing it from rubbing against the frame. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of installing a heavy-duty continuous hinge for hospital bathroom doors and how it can improve safety and functionality.

To address this issue, we performed a series of repair steps to ensure optimal performance and security.

Have you ever experienced a door that doesn’t close properly, causing frustration and inconvenience? In this video, you can witness firsthand how a door was not closing all the way and how our skilled technician from NYC Doors and More was able to repair it seamlessly. With years of expertise and experience, they installed a new heavy-duty continuous hinge that provided increased strength and durability, preventing the door from rubbing against the frame. Watch as the before and after footage showcases the difference in functionality, demonstrating the importance of proper door maintenance and repair.

What is a Continuous Door Hinge and Why is it Beneficial?

A continuous hinge, also known as a piano hinge, is a type of hinge that runs the entire length of the door or frame. These hinges are designed to distribute the weight of the door evenly along the full height of the frame, providing increased strength and durability.

Continuous hinges are ideal for heavier doors, such as those found in commercial buildings, schools, and hospitals. Unlike standard mortise or butt hinges, continuous hinges are made to match the full height of the door, reducing stress on the hinge and allowing it to last longer.

The design of a continuous hinge also offers improved security, as the hinge cannot be removed from the outside of the door. This makes it a popular choice for exterior doors and high-security areas.

In addition to their strength and security benefits, continuous hinges also offer improved aesthetics. Because the hinge runs the full height of the door, it provides a clean and streamlined appearance, with no visible gaps or hinges.

In summary, continuous hinges provide several benefits, including increased strength, durability, security, and aesthetics. If you have a heavier door that requires additional support, or if you are looking to improve the security and appearance of your door, consider installing a continuous hinge.

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