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Continuous hinges are designed to match the height of the door. The structural rigidity of continuous hinges allows for an even distribution of weight on the hinge and, therefore, the capacity to install heavier doors.

Continuous hinges also last longer than standard mortise or butt hinges, rendering them a cost-effective alternative.

Mounted door closers are the most popular door closers in today’s door market. They are generally mounted on the surface of the door or door frame and are available in four distinct variations: Track Arm, Regular Arm, Parallel Arm, and Top Jamb Mounted.

Both door closers and hinges are crucial to proper door functioning and are most likely the primary cause of your business/commercial door issues.

Full Continuous Hinge and Surface Mounted Door Closer Installation

Door Hinges

Hinges primarily become worn as a result of daily wear-and-tear and weather-related abrasion.

These factors, in addition to the weight of the door, most commonly damage the bottom hinge more so than the overlying hinges. If our technicians find that your hinges are malfunctioning, they will replace them with a heavy-duty continuous hinge for unmatched structural support.

Full surface continuous hinges are stronger than pivots and will distribute the weight of your door evenly to prevent the need for frequent future repairs.


Door Closer

Issues related to door closers often entail oil leaks, inadequate sizing, and weakening of the valve seals. Over time, this constellation of issues may ultimately result in misaligned hinges, door slamming, as well as door and door frame damage.
NYC Doors and More technicians are well-equipped to troubleshoot your door closer-related issues. We often implement hydraulic closers in our repairs given their functional integrity and suitability for use with heavier doors. 
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Can door closers be repaired?

There are many parts to the inner workings of a closer, but they usually can not be adjusted, repaired or rebuilt. Replacing malfunctioning ones is often the right solution.

How does a hydraulic door closer work?

As the door is opened, a powerful spring on the inside of the closer is compressed or tightened. When the door is released, this spring pulls the door shut. To keep it from slamming shut, a cushioning or shock absorbing medium is used. This may be either air (in pneumatic closers) or fluid (in hydraulic closers).

What does continuous hinge mean

Continuous hinges are made to match the full height of the door. They can carry heavier doors (commercial doors, storefront doors), and last a lot longer than standard hinges or butt hinges. Because continuous hinges run the full height of the door, the weight of the door is distributed along the full height of the frame which reduces stress on the hinge.

We carry a wide variety of door parts with several ways to customize them. Whatever your style or demands, NYC Doors And More has the ideal solution for your needs.

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